beet chauffeur!

beet chauffeur!

Applying to us is very easy!

You don’t even need a resume for this.

And the whole process takes only 3 minutes.

Oh yes, everyone is welcome in our team (male/female/diverse, etc.)!
If you have problems with the fact that – in addition to men – female drivers, people of different genders, nationalities, cultures or religions work, then we kindly ask you to refrain from applying.

Application Form

Do you possess a truck driver's license?*

(Requirement is a HGV driving licence (CE driving licence with 95 key number)

CE Führerschein mit 95er Schlüsselzahl *

Do you have a medical certificate?*

Is there a current medical certificate or has it been extended? (Proof required from the age of 50)

Ärztliches Attest *

Are you okay with driving on weekends or night shifts?*

Wochenende-Nachschicht *

How can we reach you most effectively?

Please provide your contact details so we can get in touch with you directly!

Fields marked with * are required for contacting us.

Alright, done!

Now all you have to do is send your application – we will get back to you shortly.

Stay informed!

If there are any news at “werde-ruebenchauffeur”, we would like to share it via e-mail.